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About 31Third


31Third is a blockchain-based asset management infrastructure radically optimizing on-chain trade execution and portfolio management.


Our first product is batch trading, which enables users to trade with two or more assets or rebalance an entire portfolio in a single transaction. Batch trading reduces transaction costs, results in better prices, saves execution time and ensures more accurate portfolio weights.
If the S&P 500 had been available in an on-chain environment, our infrastructure could rebalance all the 500 underlying assets in one go, resulting in up to 30% reduction in transaction fees.

Algorithmic Smart Order Routing (ASOR)

Our algorithmic smart order router is the heart of our infrastructure. When you execute a batch trade, our algorithm finds the best prices and deepest liquidity not only across exchanges and market makers but also across each traded asset.
This linear optimization results in hundreds of more newly analyzed trade routes for users, which can yield radically better prices.

Case Study

For example, look at the DeFi Pulse Index, the largest on-chain ETF with ten underlying assets weighted based on market capitalization.
Existing smart order routers are limited to one-to-one trades, which means that liquidity is compared only for a single pair. With traditional routers, the traders receive quotes for ten separate one-to-one traders in the best case.
In contrast, our algorithmic smart order router calculates 90 possible combinations across the portfolio
f(n)=(n2)2f(n) = \binom{n}{2} * 2
; this is close to 10x more variations analyzed.


Zero Slippage

We offer the deepest liquidity network with direct access to market makers and DEXs.

Advanced API

Access our entire product suite via simple APIs, enabling full integration with other platforms, automated trading systems, and OMS.

Protocol Integrations

Trade with yield baring tokens via our direct integrations to Aave, Curve, Lido, and more.

Self Custody

Access all our features via any wallet or custody provider.
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