31Third provides a fully-fledged system based on three components. An API that uses on-chain and external data to prepare optimal rebalancings, a set of smart contracts enabling batched execution of token actions, such as trades, wrapping, and staking, and a frontend that allows the rebalancings of wallets, SetProtocol portfolio tokens or Enzyme vaults.

The usage of our frontend is optional. It is also possible to directly integrate our API and smart contracts into existing systems.

31Third API

The 31Third API's primary purpose is to calculate rebalancings for wallets, SetProtocol tokens, Enzyme vaults, and other frameworks in the future.

Our algorithmic smart order router (ASOR) is the heart of our infrastructure. When you calculate a rebalancing, our algorithm finds the best prices and deepest liquidity not only across exchanges and market makers but also across each traded asset.

The algorithm fetches prices from different price sources for various DEXs and market makers. It analyses trade efficiency factors like depth of liquidity, slippage, price impact, multi-hop abilities, and more to calculate the optimal route from any base to any target allocation.

More on the 31Third API can be found below.


31Third protocol

The 31Third protocol is a set of smart contracts allowing the execution of multiple token on-chain operations like trading, wrapping, staking, and others in one go, batched together in a single transaction.

More on the 31Third protocol can be found below.


31Third Frontend

We provide an easy-to-use UI for traders and asset managers to manage their portfolios. Just configure the desired target allocation, let our API calculate the optimal rebalancing, check if you are satisfied with the result, and execute the whole rebalancing within one transaction. This not only saves you time and nerves but also spares substantial gas fees. Gas cost analysis.

External Integrator

Instructions on accessing our API and using the protocol can be found in the specific sections. If you have any questions, we are happy to assist. Reach out via mail or Discord.


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