Use cases


Every tenth consecutive on-chain trade is from the same wallet address. By executing these together, traders could optimize billions of trading volumes, save millions in fees, and reduce execution time by days while achieving better prices.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Portfolio rebalancing is a many-to-many transaction batched into a single trade. Traders can pre-define their portfolio's target allocation, and our algorithmic smart order router achieves the desired portfolio weights in seconds.

The solution is a game-changer for on-chain ETFs and those actively managing their assets based on a pre-defined strategy. On top of achieving substantially better prices and laser-sharp portfolio weights, our infrastructure saves all the manual calculations and removes the potential for error for the trader.


Many-to-one execution enables traders to liquidate selected tokens or their entire portfolio into a single asset.

The order simplifies the execution of a concentrated position, the liquidation of risk-on assets into stables, and the redemption of portfolio tokens with multiple underlying assets.

Example: All In SHIB

Exchange all your assets into a single token. The function is available for tokens set up in our backend. If you want us to set up a token for you, fill out this form. The below example shows the transaction for SHIB.

Example: Liquidiate to Stables

Liquidate your risky assets into stablecoins in times of volatility.


One-to-many execution enables traders to enter multiple positions and initiate a portfolio from a single asset.

Example: Issue a Portfolio

Trade your asset(s) into an index tracked by 31Third.

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5 MidCap:

Stabelcoin Staking Index:

Example: Follow a Wallet

Follow the trades of a wallet. The below example shows the function for Light Wallet.

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