... holds a Master's degree in Management and IT and boasts over two decades of leadership experience as a serial entrepreneur. He previously founded a mobile marketing startup that catered to over a thousand B2B clients. Additionally, he spent seven years working for Erste Group Bank and Erste Asset Management, managing various digital projects.


... is an experienced full-stack software developer with a deep knowledge of blockchain technology. Philipp studied software engineering and focused on blockchain during his master's degree, where he wrote an insightful thesis on DeFi. With over 7 years of experience in the industry, Philipp has worked with both established companies like Cloudflight, as well as innovative startups. Passionate about creating cutting-edge solutions, Philipp is dedicated to driving innovation in the field of technology.


... comes from the hedge fund group of Morgan Stanley. He has a deep understanding of DeFi both on a financial and technical level. Koppany studied at the FHWN and the London School of Economics. He is a lecturer at his former university.


... is a highly skilled blockchain and full-stack developer with over seven years of experience. After completing his degree in software engineering, Johannes has advanced to become a team lead and a certified Scrum Master. With his expertise in software design, Johannes is dedicated to creating innovative software solutions and driving the development process forward.

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